Parent Letters to School Templates


Here are templates of letters parents might need to send to their child's school. Available in both English and Spanish.

Description of Services

Available letter templates: Back-to-School Introduction LettersCommunicating with your Child's School Through Letter WritingDiscussing a ProblemRequesting Your Child's RecordsRequesting an Initial Evaluation for Special Education ServicesRequesting an Independent Evaluation of Your ChildRequesting a Meeting to Review Your Child's IEPRequesting a Change in Your Child's PlacementInforming the School of Your Intention to Enroll Your Child in a Private School at Public ExpenseRequesting Prior Written NoticeRequesting MediationRequesting a Due Process HearingFiling a Complaint with the State Education Agency

Location by County/County(ies) served
Crawford, Columbia, Dane, Grant, Green, Iowa, Lafayette, Richland, Rock, Sauk
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