Part of our mission here at the Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin is to create a community where individuals with autism are accepted and valued. We know that in order to do this we need to work together with everyone in our community.

One of the ways we work to achieve this is to provide support and training for community members, business and organizations who would like to expand their knowledge and learn ways that they can be more welcoming and supportive of individuals who have autism.

For organizations and business who believe in our mission and would like to support the work we do we have opportunities for event and program collaboration, fundraising activities, and opportunities to partner on community events and educational workshops.

For more info about our services for community members give us call at 608-630-9147 or send us an email.

Group Training & Continuing Education

Information and Assistance

Give us a call at (608) 630-9147, email us at or make a free appointment with us at this link.

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The Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin is a non profit organization that depends on generous donations from the community. Contact us to see how your business can support the local autism community!

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