Our Vision: Autism acceptance, respect, empowerment, and equal rights.

Our Mission: Dedicated to improving the lives of all who are impacted by autism by providing information, resources and support, while raising awareness and acceptance in our community.

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COVID-19 Update: Due to the dropping numbers of active COVID cases and the lifting of public health restrictions we are looking forward to restarting in-person services. Starting July 1 we will transition back to in-person events starting with outdoor gatherings during the summer months and indoor events resuming in the fall. Masks will not be required but are encouraged for those who are unvaccinated or who feel more comfortable wearing them. Because there is still some ongoing risk due to lingering COVID cases, participants in our activities should use their discretion in participation in public events and make decisions on attending based on their own comfort.

Our office will be open to visitors by appointment only starting  July 1, 2021.  Since our office space is small, visitors to the office will be required to wear a mask while inside the office.

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