Custom Canines Service Dog Academy

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Custom Canines Service Dog Academy, Inc. is a nonprofit organization of volunteer professionals and individuals who embrace the endeavor of creating and supporting lasting partnerships between highly skilled service dogs and the community of mankind with diverse disabilities and impairments, thus greatly enhancing their quality of life.

Description of Services

Autism is a very complex condition and an Autism Service Dog can help a person with Autism in so many ways. Some Autism Service Dogs help disrupt behavior by making contact with their human partner by touch or by laying on their lap.These dogs can prevent or eliminate wandering, help obtain better sleep patterns, increase communication skills and help give people with autism a sense of security and stability to function in public settings.Due to an overwhelming demand for our Autism Service Dogs and our extremely long waiting list, we are not accepting new Autism Service Dog applications at this time. If you are local to our training facility, we recommend you look into our Owner Training Academy, where we currently do not have a waiting list. For a list of other schools that may meet your needs, please visit the Assistance Dogs International website.

2310 Mustang Way, Madison, WI 53718