Your Local Autism Society Affiliate

Where We’re Headed

* We will sharpen our focus, intent, resources and message.

* As the need grows, we will grow substantially.  First in Dane County, but we must build our voice, network and systems throughout the surrounding counties within our service area.

* We must always say, “While we don’t do that, we know just the right person or place for you.”  There are terrifically capable partners that we work with to accomplish an improvement in a family’s situation now.

* We should have an outstanding reputation as a dependable, effective and professional organization that will help individuals for as long as they need us.

* We judge success is by hearing story after story of safe and steady progress for families with autism.


Our Mission

For 53 years, the Autism Society affiliate in South Central Wisconsin has worked to address areas of need, while providing and expanding support for the autism community in ten Southern Wisconsin counties.

We are one of 107 national affiliates and our local organization has a goal to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by autism spectrum disorders.  Every dollar we raise stays in the Southern Wisconsin region to directly help those who live and work in our surrounding communities.

We are a largely volunteer run organization that focuses on educational outreach, public policy advocacy, support groups for all family members and building awareness through numerous marketing and social events.  We recognize that each person has special attributes with ways to contribute, and that’s why we are committed to societal inclusion in hope of earning respect and tolerance for all individuals on the spectrum from diagnosis through the life span.

Please contact us to become a member, to volunteer some time or to donate, and please explore this web site thoroughly to see how the Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin can help you.

Be grateful for the accomplishments of today, keep hope for better tomorrows and cherish the memorable moments that those on the spectrum can bring to our lives…..

Danielle Tolzmann, President and David George, Past President


Our Board


President:  Danielle Tolzmann

Vice President:  Susan Henwood Hamilton

Treasurer:  Nancy Griego

Secretary:  Nancy Alar


Julie Heibel

Al Kutil

Tari Raatz

Jeff Spitzer-Resnick

Diane Wakely



Administrative Manager: Harriet Tatooles



Membership is crucial for us to know who we serve and to gauge how well we represent various areas.  Your money also stays in our local area for us to provide education, advocacy, marketing and support services.

Please download and print by clicking on the form link below, then mail to the address listed below.




We welcome your questions, comments and ideas. Please contact us:

Mail: 437 S. Yellowstone Dr, Suite 217A, Madison, WI 53719

Phone: 608.630.9147



For questions about our AUSome Social Group, please contact coordinator Nancy Alar at

For questions about our AUSome Adult Groups, please contact coordinator Becky at Google Group email ; or visit us on Google Groups at


To learn more about other Autism Society affiliates in our state, visit the Autism Society of Wisconsin at

To get more information about the National Office, please contact the following:

Autism Society of America, 4340 E. West Highway, Suite 350, Bethesda, MD   20814   Call 800.328.8476 or click


SPECIAL NOTE: The Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin will have photos taken at various events, workshops, conferences and other gatherings. We usually seek permission, but it sometimes becomes impossible when images of large groups may include random attendees and participants. It is to be understood that these photographs could be used on our web site, social media sites and for promotional purposes. We will, however, remove any photo and/or stop the usage of such materials at the request of an individual or family member.

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