Healthcare Education

The Autism Society believes that improving the vaccination experience is a critical step towards achieving more equitable healthcare for people with Autism and all neurodiverse individuals. With support from the CDC and the Association of University Centers on Disabilities, the Autism Society launched the Vaccine Education Initiative (VEI) to address systemic barriers to care and promote vaccine education, confidence, and access.

In 2023, the Autism Society became a proud partner of the Aging and Disability Vaccination Collaborative (ADVC), to increase access and uptake of vaccines. The Autism Society is dedicated to Health Equity, which is the foundation of a healthy life. People with Autism experience higher rates of medical and mental health conditions, poor health outcomes, and premature mortality. In addition to social and economic barriers, the Autistic community faces sensory, communication, cognitive, and other unique barriers to accessible healthcare.

The Vaccine Education Initiative

We Provide:

  • Accessible Vaccine Clinics
  • Healthcare Professional Training
  • Advocacy
  • Accessible Vaccine Kits
  • Community Education, Resources, Outreach, and Support