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The TIES Clinic provides psychiatric care and consultation to Dane County residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities. All patients seen in the TIES clinic receive services through the Community TIES Behavioral Support Program. The TIES Clinic is coordinated by Joanne Law, RN. Patients seen in the TIES clinic often include individuals who are unable to obtain psychiatric care from other providers due to financial situation, behavioral issues, or medical complexity. The clinic is scheduled on the first Wednesdays and Thursday of every month with Steve Singer, MD, and twice a month on Thursdays with Lauren Bern, MD. Both are psychiatrists who have extensive experience treating persons with developmental disabilities.

Description of Services

TIES Clinic staff work closely with TIES Behavioral consultants to coordinate and carry out psychiatric and behavioral interventions to improve the participant’s independence and inclusion in their community. The TIES Clinic offers ongoing psychiatric care but also occasionally provides one-time consultations when appropriate..  When possible, stable patients are referred back to their primary physician or another community psychiatrist. Funding for the clinic is obtained from Dane County Human Services, Medical Assistance, Medicare, and private insurance (when available).For most TIES Clinic patients, accurate assessment and effective treatment relies upon the active involvement and participation of other care givers involved in the patient’s support. With the patient’s (or the patient’s guardian’s) permission, family members, case managers/support brokers, residential and vocational support staff, teachers, AFH providers, and guardians are welcomed and encouraged to attend appointments and to share information about their observation of symptoms and their evaluation of the progress of treatment.

122 East Olin Avenue, Suite 255, Madison, WI 53713
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3-5 years old, Elementary School Age, Middle School Age, High School Age, 18-21 years old, Adults