UCP Youth Resources Program

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Through our Youth Resources program, we encourage families to renew their energy and support their overall resiliency in caring for a child who has a disability. Our Youth Resources Inclusive Child Care Services focuses exclusively on helping families find and maintain licensed and inclusive child care programming such as in-home care, child care centers or summer day camps. We are familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act and how this applies to local child care programs. We understand how to educate and support child care professionals with making necessary accommodations and adaptations so all children can participate.

Description of Services

Through different levels of support, UCP empowers and educates child care providers on inclusion so children with disabilities have the same opportunities as their peers. The level of support we provide to each child and their family ranges from consultative to full on-site staff support. With consultative support, a UCP Service Coordinator works with individual child care programs to provide on-going guidance through observations, problem solving, periodic check-ins and advice aimed at enhancing each child care provider’s ability to include a specific child. Depending on the needs of a child or child care program, a child’s UCP Service Coordinator may recommend additional assistance in the form of on-site support.We also have afterschool and summer services and teen support.

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Birth - 2 years old, 3-5 years old, Elementary School Age, Middle School Age, High School Age