Parent to Parent of Wisconsin


Having a child with special health care needs sets parents on a different journey than the one that was originally expected. Fortunately, many parents have “gone before” and can be a source of strength, direction and empowerment. Through a one-on-one match, Parent to Parent of Wisconsin pairs parents in need of guidance with a trained Support Parent who has walked a similar path. Like each family, every match is unique.

Description of Services

At Parent to Parent of Wisconsin, we help parents find a one-to-one connection with a trained Support Parent, who knows firsthand about the feelings and realities that come with having a child with special needs. No parent should feel alone. Ever.No provider referral is necessary. Any parent of a child with special needs who is interested can self-refer on our website.For Spanish-speaking parents: Our program coordinator is bilingual and we have some trained Support Parents who speak Spanish.

(833) 361-6300 (Toll Free) or (414) 266-5608 Este nümero lo comunicará con un intérprete de español.
Location by County/County(ies) served
Crawford, Columbia, Dane, Grant, Green, Iowa, Lafayette, Richland, Rock, Sauk