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I provide Licensed Massage Therapy, Nervous System Regulation Coaching, and Movement Re-education Coaching, in a sensory-controlled & adaptable environment. As a neurodivergent practitioner, I use my 1st-hand experience to help aid my clients in reaching their goals.

Description of Services

I provide Therapeutic Massage; helping clients find relief from a wide variety of physical ailments including: Upper Extremity Nerve Impingement, TMJDs, Scar Tissue Remapping, Surgery & Injury Recovery, and Sensory Mapping. I am a Movement Re-education Specialist, providing both Movement Re-education & Nervous System Regulation Coaching. Utilizing neuroscience, movement, and knowledge of the client's injury history; I work with the client's nervous system to develop a unique list of stims that help upgrade the function of the nervous system, by upgrading the sensory & movement maps inside their brains. Clients will have daily homework designed to help regulate the nervous system, imrove balance, vision, proprioceptive awareness, interoception & exteroception, and coordination. Some snacks will be provided.

437 S. Yellowstone Dr. Suite 217A, Madison, WI 53719
Location by County/County(ies) served
Ages Served
High School Age, 18-21 years old, Adults
Funding Sources
Private Pay, Sliding Scale