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Our clinical practice offers diverse services to diagnose and/or respond to a variety of disabilities including traumatic brain injury, seizure disorders, stroke, aneurysm, anoxia, developmental disability, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, PTSD, and the day-to-day living adjustments faced by individuals and families. Some available services include diagnostic assessment, family-based treatment planning for children experiencing behavioral and emotional problems, cognitive retraining, and consultation to other care providers and professionals.

Description of Services

Neuropsychological Assessment
Personal Adjustment Counseling
In-Clinic & In-House Family Treatment
Stress Management Training
Expert Testimony
Independent Medical Evaluation
Return to Work Planning & Consultation
School Planning & Consultation
Cognitive Retraining
Case Consultation
Behavioral Programming
Staff Training

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4785 Hayes Road, Suite 100
Madison, WI 53704
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Ages Served
Birth - 2 years old, 3-5 years old, Elementary School Age, Middle School Age, High School Age, 18-21 years old, Adults