Comprehensive psychological evaluations for autism, ADHD, and learning differences Get answers to your questions so you can move forward Using comprehensive, best-practice procedures, I can help answer questions related to developmental and learning differences including autism and ADHD for you or your loved one. Understanding whether different diagnoses describe parts of a person’s behavior and development can open up new ways for the person and others in their life to live, learn, and grow.

Description of Services

Diagnostic evaluations for:

Autism spectrum disorders in children and youth (ages 3 to 18)
Autism spectrum disorders in adults, 19+
ADHD in children and youth (ages 3 to 18)
ADHD in adults, 19+
Other learning disabilities/differences in children, ages 7 to 18
Other learning disabilities/differences in adults, 19+
Independent educational evaluations (IEE’s)

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Ages Served
3-5 years old, Elementary School Age, Middle School Age, High School Age, 18-21 years old, Adults