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Crisis Response is a coordinated, community-based, approach to crisis prevention and response for Dane County adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) experiencing acute behavioral health crises. The program was developed in partnership with Dane County Human Services and has been in operation since 1998. Interventions strive to enhance the safety of individuals and their care givers and to prevent or shorten institutional admissions or incarcerations.

Description of Services

What services does Crisis Response provide?

Crisis service coordination, especially if a situation involves contact with law enforcement or emergency mental health practitioners (Community TIES, Dane County Human Services)
Accelerated access to behavioral consultation and program recommendations (Community TIES and Responsive Solutions)
Home and workplace Adaptations & Modification Program (Responsive Solutions Inc.)
Additional care giver support in the person’s home or workplace (Responsive Solutions Inc.)
Access to psychiatric consultation (Community TIES or Dane County Human Services)
Follow-up consultation (Community TIES, Responsive Solutions Inc.)

If these services are insufficient to safely support an individual in his or her home a temporary stay at the RSI Safe House might be considered. The Safe House, an RSI property in a residential neighborhood in Madison offers a temporary, modified, secure environment for individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis.

The purpose of a Safe House stay is to increase a care providers’ confidence and competence supporting a person with challenging and severely dysregulated behavior.  Additional staff support, coordination and consultation is provided through Responsive Solutions’ Crisis Response staff.

To start a referral request for crisis services through Responsive Solutions, contact the RSI Crisis Coordinator

122 East Olin Avenue, Suite 255
Madison, WI 53713
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Ages Served
18-21 years old, Adults