Rachel Tracosas and Linnea Bertram have joined the Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin as members of the Board of Directors!

“We are so pleased to welcome these two talented women to our Board.  Both of them bring special knowledge and abilities that will add to our knowledge base and perspectives as a non-profit board.  There is so much work to be done, especially with this new normal.  We know both Rachel and Linnea will help us work toward our goal of helping all those whose lives are affected by autism.” said Nancy Alar, President of the Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin.

Rachel was born in Miami, Florida, moved to California in 1998, and settled in Madison in 2014. She was diagnosed with autism at age 3. Her first event with the Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin was the pool party in 2018, and she has been active in our events since then, as well as volunteering by joining our fundraising committee last year. In addition to her volunteer work on our fundraising committee, Rachel is also the Vice Chair of the Diversity Advisory Council at the Wisconsin State Department of Revenue where she is employed full time.  “The reason I am interested in being a board member is because I have a lot of great ideas,” said Tracosas.

Linnea Bertram is a speech-language pathologist at DeForest Area School District. During her employment there she has served in multiple leadership roles including the autism team, assistive technology team, and as a senior-level Non-Violent Crisis Intervention trainer. Linnea also has a ten-year-old son with autism.  “Being a parent of a child with ASD is extremely humbling,” said Bertram.  “I feel that I have a unique perspective as a parent of a child with ASD and a speech-language pathologist. I’m honored to join the ASC Board and look forward to the opportunity to serve others.”