Healthcare Education

The Autism Society is dedicated to health equity, which is the foundation of a healthy life. People with Autism experience higher rates of medical and mental health conditions, poor health outcomes, and premature mortality. In addition to social and economic barriers, the Autistic community faces sensory, communication, cognitive, and other unique barriers to accessible healthcare.

Here at the Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin, we aim to address systematic barriers and promote healthcare education, confidence, and access. We started our work in the healthcare field with our Vaccine Education Initiative, which aimed to rewrite the vaccination experience for Autistic individuals and those with complex support needs. The techniques and supports used in the VEI can be applied to numerous healthcare procedures, and they have proven to increase accessibility, reduce stress, and improve outcomes. The Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin is committed to continuing our work in healthcare, striving to increase accessibility, reduce trauma, and build supportive and inclusive communities.

We Provide:

  • Accessible Vaccine Clinics
  • Healthcare Professional Training
  • Advocacy
  • Accessible Vaccine Kits
  • Injection Tools
  • Healthcare Communication Boards and Visual Supports
  • Community Education, Resources, Outreach, and Support