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AUsome Social Group

If you’re a person with Autism, Asperger’s, PDD or Tourette’s age 12 and older, the AUsome Social group was designed especially for you!  Others (including parents, siblings, support people and friends) are welcome, too.  We participate in a fun activity every month, usually the first Saturday of the month.  The time and location varies depending on the activity.

To learn more details, please review our Group Philosophy and Logistics which can also be found on the last page of any AUsome Social Group newsletter.  One major goal is to provide fun, interesting and participatory activities that will broaden participants life experiences.  Another goal is to provide a safe, understanding and social environment where participants can have a chance to meet others like themselves.

The AUsome Social Group offers it own newsletter, sent about every other month.  Sign Up for the AUsome Newsletter to learn about upcoming group activities.  This newsletter includes not only plans for upcoming activities, but also sensory considerations and more. Scroll down to see a copy of the latest AUsome newsletter displayed below.

For a listing of current and previous newsletters sent to the group, please click the following link: AUsome Social Group Newsletters.

For more information about our AUsome Social Group please contact the AUsome Social Group Coordinator Nancy Alar at or call (608) 222-4378.

If you are interested in starting your own social group, we encourage you to read this article: Tips for Running a Social Group, written by AUsome Social Group Coordinator, Nancy Alar.

If you are interested in an informal support meeting for adults on the spectrum, the Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin also sponsors the AUsome Adult Group which meets every other month. See the AUsome Adult Group website page  for more information.