Autism T-Shirt Design Contest Winning T-Shirts

Thank you to everyone who bought a t-shirt, and thank you to our amazing artists! We raised $1300!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Autism T-Shirt Design contest.  We are excited to announce and congratulate artists Aradhana Karthik, Ellise Scharrer, Corey Boll, and Samuel Rogers who submitted the winning designs that are being used as inspiration for T-shirts. Each winner will get a $50.00 gift card and a free t-shirt with their design. 
You can check out the winners and order a shirt at
Order deadline is November 15. T-shirts should arrive at your home by December 4 and make great holiday gifts!

A Message from the Artist: Aradhana Karthik

My name is Aradhana. Aru for short. I am very artistic. I love to sing like my Dad and draw and dance like my Mom. I made this design because I love unicorns and cake. Cake makes people happy even during hard times. That is why all you need is some love and some cake, to make people smile.

A Message from the Artist: Samuel Rogers 

“I Sam Rogers would like to tell you all a little about myself. I am 37 years old and really enjoy the outdoors. I have a cat named pepper that I love to be around. On my free time I like to read and do paint by numbers. I came up with my design after a lot of thoughtful thinking. No matter what is holding you back always live life to the fullest. You never know what tomorrow may bring.”

A Message from the Artist: Ellise Scharrer

“Hi my name is Ellise Scharrer and I’m twelve years old. This is the reason why I created my t-shirt design. People who have autism may think different, look different, dress different, and be eccentric in our own way. Our hearts are the same as everyone else’s. I don’t want people to think of me as an autism kid, I want them to think of me as a person. A little about me: I like painting, sewing, mostly anything art wise. I like dogs, babies, and making videos. I also enjoy making crafts at Camp Createability with my teachers Ms. Debbie and Ms. Margo.” 

A Message from the Artist: Corey Boll

“When I was thinking about different designs for the contest, there were many, but nothing really stood out to me that would capture my idea in just the right light. However, after doing some research, I realized going back to the basics was exactly what I was looking for! The ‘Puzzle Pieces of Autism’ show how everyone with Autism is unique, but also similar to others. Autism isn’t a bad thing; it merely changes how one may react to the world around them, as they may perceive things differently than others. It isn’t something that will go away with time, either. Therapy can help reduce the severity, even by a little, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to go away. That’s the story behind the design; one that shows that the owner is someone who cares, loves, and embraces someone with Autism.”