2022 Autism T-shirt Design Winners

And the Autism T-Shirt Design contest winners are…..

We are excited to announce and congratulate artists Clyde Fruits and Arli Hoyt who submitted the winning designs! All the money raised from the sale of these shirts go towards providing support, education, and advocacy in our local communities. Thank you to all who participated!

You can order you shirts at https://www.bonfire.com/…/autism-society-of-south…/

Order before November 28th to get delivery by December 16th.

Artist: Clyde Fruits

"What I want people to know about me is that I love music, I am super into sports, I am a strong advocate for the Autism community, and I am willing to support the Autism Society in any way that I can. My T-Shirt design to me means that we, at any event the Autism Society does, can unite together to create a special community that supports our differences."

Artist: Arli Hoyt

“My name is Arli. My pronouns are zie/zir. I did this piece because I wanted to show how diverse the Autistic community is and how it should be celebrated. I chose the infinity symbol, and the rainbow instead of the puzzle piece symbol because the puzzle piece symbolizes a need to be cured and other things that I do not believe in— things I don’t believe in for any human. I chose the infinity symbol and the rainbow because there is an infinity of different possibilities for us to be— it's a spectrum."