When their child is first diagnosed, many parents are not exactly sure what autism is … or PDD, or Aspergers. It’s also hard to explain your child to others if you don’t understand things yourself.
This is a FREE workshop for parents, family members and caregivers of newly diagnosed children, plus anyone else who may be interested in learning about autism.

NOTE TO CHILD CARE PROVIDERS: The workshop is registered at The-Registry and qualifies for Continuing Education Credits (CEUs). Certificates of Attendance will be provided at the workshop.
Autism 101 participants will receive informational materials…including parenting resources, diagnosis information, helpful school tips, community resources and personalized discussions and support for your individual questions.

Check our upcoming events page to see where Autism 101 is happening next!

We go where we are needed.  If you’d like us to bring Autism 101 to your community, please contact us at info@autismsouthcentral.org.