2020 Jacob Trotter Memorial Scholarship Winner

The Jacob Trotter Memorial Scholarship gives a scholarship of $500 to a student on the autism spectrum. It is funded by David and Greta Menke of Bristol, Wisconsin, in memory of their grandson Jacob David Trotter. Jacob Trotter was born June 25, 2001, in Madison, WI, and died unexpectedly at home on September 25, 2014. He was a student at Lodi Middle School in Lodi, WI. He was the light of his parents’ and grandparents’ lives. Jacob was an avid history buff. His favorite topics were Civil War, WWII, European Theater, and WWII Reenactments. 

This year’s winner of the Jacob Trotter Memorial Scholarship is Jakob Williams of Sun Prairie, WI. He is graduating from  Sun Prairie High School, where he earned letters in varsity baseball and in academics and volunteered teaching baseball skills to kids. He will be attending Ripon College in the fall and plans to become a physical education and health teacher. Upon learning he won the scholarship, Jake wrote, “Thank you so much for this great award! It means so much to me. I plan on doing great things with my education degree and helping so many kids.” Congratulations, Jake!