Any legitimate nonprofit needs the oversight of a well-rounded Board of Directors in order to be successful, trustworthy and purposeful. The Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin is no different. All Board Members and Officers volunteer their time and expertise to our mission.


President: Danielle Tolzmann
Treasurer: Ryan Strohm
Secretary: Nancy Alar
Past President 2014: Julie Sheldon
Past President 2011-2014: David George

Executive Director: Mary Fruits


Erin Finger
Al Kutil
Tim Markle
Jeff Spitzer-Resnick
Matt Kehler, UW Badgers with A Heart Representative

Committee Chairs

Executive Committee: Danielle Tolzmann
Advocacy Committee: Jeff Spitzer-Resnick
Education Committee: Char Brandl
Finance Committee: Ryan Strohm
Support Committee: Nancy Alar

Office Support Staff

Administrative Manager: Harriet Tatooles

Interested in joining the Board?  We often look to our committees when Board vacancies occur.  Committees are where the magic really happens.  Lend as much or as little of your time as you have available.

We welcome you questions, comments and ideas. Please contact us by phone at 608.630.9147 or by e-mail at